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Table of Contents
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Editor's Notebook
In defense of “drones”
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Letters to the Editor
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From the Corner Office
A Community Effort To Address Aerospace Workforce Development
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Wanted: “Aircraft carrier in the sky”
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Cassini’s lessons for Europa Clipper
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Engineering Notebook
Focused on the small things
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Astronaut's View
Backing the Station

Case Study
Toward a CisLunar Marketplace

Career Opportunities
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Looking Back
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Lindsey Sweeney, Northrop engineer

Bonus Content
USC Overcomes Crash To Win AIAA's Remote Aircraft Competition
By Joe Stumpe, staff reporter
25 April 2017 – University of Southern California students bounced back from a crash to eke out a win Sunday in the 2017 AAIA Design Build Fly contest, while a one-man team from India sparked a kind of international relief effort from dozens of fellow competitors. Read it

NASA’s Search For Life On Europa, Enceladus Just Got Easier
By Tom Risen, staff reporter
13 April 2017 – NASA on Thursday said data collected by the Cassini spacecraft show a strong possibility that the ocean beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus is capable of supporting microbial life. Read it


War on Wiring

Watching society go wireless has given avionics experts ideas about how they might do the equivalent inside airliners. Read it
by Henry Canaday

Special report: Drones
FAA officials, leading technologists and a market analyst discuss what’s been achieved and what’s still to come in the growing small drone and large unmanned aircraft markets. Read it

by Debra Werner

Sense and avoid for satellites
To avoid collisions in space, technologists are working on concepts for removing debris from orbit. Given the plans private companies have for launching thousands of satellites, these strategies may not suffice.
by Dave Finkleman

Mars Debate
Little consensus exists among scientists and policymakers about the best strategy for reaching Mars, which is why the Trump administration and the U.S. National Space Council are expected to explore the many tradeoffs ahead. Read it
by Tom Risen
The interviews in Aerospace America’s May special report on drones were edited for brevity. Here are more complete transcripts of those interviews. We have made minor edits for clarity. Contributor Debra Werner talked about:
  • Detect and avoid with Jay Gundlach, a specialist in aircraft design and development, and Michael Guterres, a specialist in unmanned aircraft engineering and integration. Read it
  • The FAA’s efforts to integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace with Jim Williams, an expert on unmanned aircraft systems integration. Read it
  • The challenge of integrating a wide range of UAS into U.S. airspace with Dallas Brooks, leader in commercial and military unmanned aircraft systems integration Read it
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